Album of the week

I will add a new cool album here every week so make sure to come back regularly! :-)


Week 10


Week 10 !! Woah. That wouldve happened way earlier if I didnt forget for 3 weeks... Anywho. This week's album is Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel by My Little Airport. I discovered them from a video at a museum that used one of their songs. They're right up my alley, the songs sounds so light and bubbly and delightful! It reminds me of early spring and lazy summer afternoons. :^) Thank you Havu for making me take a picture of the music credit on that video. And thanks for being so supportive of this site.

Until next week, stay strong and hopeful in these dark months!!

Week 9


SO SORRY FOR MISSING 3 WEEKS IN A ROW!!! Life was super busy for me this month, school went extra hard the last few weeks before autumn break, I went to Paris to see Mitski (MITSKI!) and then I spent a week at my parents' house without my laptop so I couldn't upload this page. I refuse to code on my phone that shit is not for the weak of heart.

Anyyywaysss.... This week's album is actually one of my favourite musicals, Ghost Quartet written by Dave Malloy! I absolutely adore this musical and its many plot lines. It's about two sisters Rose Red and Pearl White who both fall in love with the same man, and when the man cheats on Rose with Pearl she decides to go on a multi-generational killing spree where she kills her sister over and over again. Kinda like a time loop but not really! Very hard to explain but I think part of its charm is that you get to uncover the plot yourself, so if you're into hard-to-comprehend stories that are told in a random order you will enjoy this. And it fits for Halloween because it has a lot of ghosts in it!! :D

Happy Halloween to everyone, let's hope a vampire bites us all

Week 8


Happy October my dudes!! This week's album is Pawprint Panic! by NAPCAST. I just stumbled into this song while searching youtube and I fell in love! It reminds me of sonic and undertale soundtracks, which means I can listen to it while I study! I know some people need calm lo-fi beats to focus but I truly need some hyper stuff to actually get things done LOL :D

Stay warm and stay cozy my friends!!

Week 7


Hiyaa! This week's album rec comes to you a bit early, purely because I know for a fact that I do not have the time or energy to get this up on sunday or monday. This week's album rec is SOS by Rosita Luu. Now as you can tell by clicking the video, I once again had to choose my favourite song from the album to show you, as youtube doesnt have a video of the full album. Which is understandable because Rosita Luu happens to be a quite small artist from Finland. She is one of my favourite Finnish artists and I had the pleasure of seeing her at an intimate concert in a museum! It was an amazing show and she started it with this very song. Too bad I needed to pee the whole way through but didn't want to miss anything so I was in small agony. If I remember correctly this was also the night when my ex-fiancee really started to fall in love with me. Good stuff! Matti if you're reading this ily hii :-)

Anyways I do hope you listen to the whole album and her 2 other albums as well! Until next week<3

Week 6


Hellooo again! So I know this week's video is not the full album, I couldn't find a video of the whole album but I absolutely wanted to rec this album. It's called Ascension by Sarah Kinsley. It's an album I don't listen actively all the time, but when I do I'm always blown away!! And I recently added the song Oh No Darling! to my shower playlist to listen to it more often. :-) It's my favourite from this album but I do reccommend to listen to the other songs as well.

Have a wonderful week!

Week 5


This week's album is Puberty 2 by Mitski! I chose to celebrate her newest album with my favourite album of hers. I kind of cycle through her albums and every now and then have a different fave one, but this one's really important to me. I listened to it a lot in 2021 when I had just graduated from vocational college and I didn't get into any of the universities I applied for. I was also unemployed for almost a whole year apart for some temp jobs. I had just last year moved out of my parents' house and in general I was going through a lot of changes trying to learn how to live as a young adult. And I think Puberty 2 is all about that so it really hit me hard then!

This turned into a whole wall of a text, but I hope someone can relate! Or if not, I hope you at least enjoy the album. I would put the new album The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We here but I doubt it's on Youtube. :D

(P.s. sorry I swear I will stop writing after this, but I'm seeing Mitski live in Paris next month! I'm so excited for it and I already know I'm gonna cry soo much. Ok now I'm done :P)

Week 4


Hullo! This week's album is Tracy Chapman's album Tracy Chapman. Her song Fast Car has been in the country music charts recently because a cover of that song is trending. That's how I discovered her, but honestly I prefer her original version. It has more depth to it I think. I don't even want to think about the remixes!! Ugh. Anyways. What a beautiful album. I actually truly adore country music, it has a lot of nostalgia to it even though I'm not even american.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Week 3


Hello everynyan! I had a different album planned for this week, but since it's officially autumn (even though the weather is still quite warm...) I decided to change it to A History of Public Relations Dilemmae by Petrojvic Blasting Company. If the band name or their music sounds familiar, it's because the band goes by just The Blasting Company nowadays! They did the soundtrack for Over the Garden Wall, which is one of my favourite cartoons, like, ever. I watch it every autumn and I know I'm not the only one. But I've heard that HBO is maybe deleting it off their streaming site so I need to watch it soon... Or hopefully find a physical copy of it somewhere. Anyways, hopefully this album brings you autumn joy.🧡

P.s. I have an update about Laufey! She announced earlier this week that she's doing an Europe tour and I was lucky enough to get tickets for her concert! So my small dream of seeing her live is gonna come true! ^_^

Week 2


Sorry for the late update! I was celebrating my birthday in Iceland so I couldn't update this site on sunday. Talking about Iceland, this week's album is Everything I Know About Love by Laufey. :3 I chose this album because I've been listening to it a lot lately and she's from Iceland. My favourite songs from this album are Above the Chinese Restaurant and Falling Behind. I would love to see Laufey live, her music is so soothing yet gives me the heartache! She is also releasing a new album this year so I'm excited for that!! Maybe I will put it here later on. c:

Until next week!

Week 1


I'm starting this off with Episodes in Oceanography by Chypho. I stumbled upon this album on Youtube and it just really hits the spot for me. I love to imagine myself as an isopod in the early Ocean. Oh what a life that would be. This album brings me the most joy when I'm having a migrane attack and have to chill out in the dark.

Hope you enjoy this one and come back next week! ^_^