Album of the week

I will add a new cool album here every week so make sure to come back regularly! :-)


Week 19


Long time no seen. I got sooo busy with uni work dear lord I've been SWAMPED. Most days I've been so tired once I stopped working I could just lay in bed and stare into space xdd I was wondering if I should straight up just turn the weekly album rec into a monthly album rec... Maybe if it turns that way anyhow I will.

This week's album is Kukkaan by Rebekka Holi! It literally dropped last weekend when my Rebekka Holi fan friend came over so we got to listen to it together irl!! I absolutely adore her songs and we've seen her live together as well and talked to her a bit after the gig and aagh she was so nice. I love how her songs can be funny and sincere and heartbreaking, sometimes at the same time. Her voice is very beautiful and clear and teehee I sound a bit like her so I like singing her songs. :^)

My faves from this album atm are Nyrkkeilijä, Koiranainen and Rohkeasti vaan but they're all very very good! Her songs are so hopeful and remind me of Spring/Summer. Hope you guys have a lovely week, there's been a lot more sun here lately so hopefully the snow will melt soon.

Week 18


First album rec of the year! Fashionably late, as ALWAYS. I spent last weekend packing all my stuff wrantically because I moved into a new place yesterday! Exciting stuff. The new place is soo much bigger and nicer and closer to.. EVERYTHING LOL. Anyways!! Albums!! Music!! Let's go!!!!!

This week's album is Melodrama by Lorde. I can't believe I haven't put it here yet because it's one of my favourite albums ever. Another one of those perfect albums for me, every song on it is so good it's hard to pick the best ones! I will try anyways. I love The Louvre, Liability and Writer In The Dark. I remember listening to this album a lot when it came out, I was 14 and OBSESSED. I also listened to it on loop after my first breakup at 16. The album greatly captures the sadness you only get at night time. The sort of spiraling from the first spark of sadness to sobbing about everything wrong with your life. Uknow?

I love Lorde and all here other albums as well they're all so important to me. I was fortunate enough to see her in 2022 and she played many of my favourite songs. :3 I think her stage presence is amazing, she performs so well and the little talks she had between songs were fun as well. Lots of love to yall for this new year!!

Week 17


Happy New Year's Eve!!! I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to post this on time because once again I'm away from home and dont have my laptop with me hehe. But here I am! Love finds a way. ANYWAYSS I wanted to end this year with a BANG sooo this week's album is Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe. I love this album soo much, I think it's one of those perfect albums where every song on it is amazing and the whole album concept is executed perfectly. PYNK was the first song I heard from this album and even now it's one of my favourites. Make Me Feel and Django Jane are also my absolute favourites, even though it's very hard to choose from this album. Janelle Monáe my nonbinary icon

I hope this year was kind to you all and if not, let's hope 2024 is💖

Week 16


Happy holidays to everyone!! I was supposed to post this yesterday when we celebrate xmas in my country but I forgot because I spent the whole day playing legend of zelda tears of the kingdom... LOL! This week's album is not festive at all, it's MUNA by MUNA. I love when artists do self title albums because it looks a bit silly. :P I've tried to get into MUNA for many many years and never really got around to them until now. I would listen to their music and go "yeah this is nice... anyways.." it wasn't the right time then... BUT NOW IT IS! This album is so good, full of bangers. My favourites are Runner's High, What I Want and Loose Garment. The last one reminds me of my 2nd breakup to a T gotdamn.

Hope all my fellow lesbians are doing great💖

Week 15


Ok so I got sick literally the day after I last posted so I missed the last school week almost entirely. I did go and do my chem exam, it went pretty ok. I'm feeling a lot better but I still have a nasty cough. :^( However, to the thing you're actually here to read about; this week's album is After by Lady Lamb. I just found it this week but I've been listening to it on repeat this week to help me get stuff done. :^) It's folk I believe? I really love folk music. Reminds me of Life is Strange 2. I also love that almost all of the songs are 4 or 5 minutes long. Let's make long ass songs again!!!

Peace and love on planet Earth

Week 14


Hello helloo! This week's album is Formula of Love by TWICE. It's so hard to choose an album of theirs to rec because their vast discograpgy. AND theyre all bangers!! BUT this was the album that really got me into them, so I'm fond of it. :-) I had listened to some of their popular songs years earlier but I didn't know it was them. Anywho. K-pop! Girl groups! Yay! I don't really listen to boy groups other than the occasional Stray Kids song my best friend makes me listen. I like Twice's sort of bubbly but still very clear-sounding music? Even now when theyre doing more mature concepts they still have that very distinct Twice sound to them. I can't really explain it. But I have a playlist for k-pop and I can always tell when the Twice songs come on.

My favourite member is Jeongyeon. She's so pretty and funny and caring and she reminds me of myself LOL. I also really love Jihyo, but theyre all great! :3 I wish I could see them in a concert at some point but probably not...

One week of school left for me! Let's go get it!!

Week 13


HAPPY DECEMBER!! Last week was MENTAL i was soo stressed about everything and spent sunday just dozing off hehe. But I'm back with another album rec! This week's album is Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon. It's the first album of his I listened to and I think every song on it is sooo good. My favourite songs would probably be Touch-Tone Telephone because it reminds me of Jonathan Sims, the head archivist of The Magnus Institution, London. In general I associate this album very heavily with The Magnus Archives... I also really love Redesign Your Logo (Bonustrack) but that unfortunately isn't on this youtube video. Anyways. Lemon Demon! Funky beats! Transmascs love him!!!

Good things are coming !! Let's keep being hopeful

Week 12


I'm for once doing this on a sunday! Exciting hehee. I've had such a long and stressful week omg uni is rly kicking my ass lol so I almost forgot BUT I DIDNTTT!! Anyways this week's album is Music For Bugs by camiidae. I'm gonna be honest I just found out this album and this video but it instantly made me happy stim so I had to share it. :') I think bugs are so cool and interesting and sometimes cute but I'm also a little freaked out about them. I don't know. I think I have a lot of things like that where I'm amazed and excited but also a little bit scared and sometimes grossed out? Like deep sea animals! I love them and theyre sooo freaky and so cool and I would maybe totally freak out if I saw one in the ocean but I still love them!! Lol. But yeah this album is a delight to listen to!!!

Wishing us all a stress-free week!! On god we need it!!!

Week 11


Hello hello hello! You might've noticed that this page is suddenly looking very empty. That's because I've divided these videos to 2 pages just for faster loading time and so you dont have to scroll forever to find a week. Idk if I'm gonna do an archive any time soon mainly bc I don't know how to do one... I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. This week's album is the soundtrack of Kentucky Route Zero by Ben Babbitt. I love Kentucky Route Zero and it's atmosphere and a huge part of it is thanks to the amazing soundtrack! It really reflects on the sort of liminal space/walking back home alone at night and the streets are empty vibes of the game. It has a lot of elements that sound like electrical humming or like a sonical sound of a star, these deep rumblings mixed with folk tracks and even one psalm. It feels so human and nostalgic but lonely and at times very cold. Very on point with the game! The game itself impacted me hugely as a person. I feel like a lot of my fixations (radios, radio towers and theremin music!) came from this game and every time I think about the story my body ACHES. I love tragedies. I'm sad it's not as well known as other games but sighh... people wouldn't get it like I do.

Hope this inspires someone to play the game, until next week my dudes.